Forskargemenskapen renderar ibland intressanta annonser. Hade jag haft mer pengar än jag kunde göra av med hade jag nog nappat på nedanstående erbjudande bara för att det vore coolt att äga dylika prylar.

We have a mid-infrared LMR system surplus to requirements in the Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory of XXXXX University. The system consists of a Varian large bore magnet, 15 inch diameter pole caps, 4 inch pole gap, flux density 0 to 1.6 T (with additional pole caps, 0 to 2.0 T), homogeneity < 0.01 mT over 1cm x 1cm x 1cm volume, weight 4 tons, power supply controlled by Bruker B-H15 digital field controller, together with a line tunable CO laser, pumps, flow system and detection equipment. It has been previously and very successfully used by Professor XXXX XXXX in this Department. Price negotiable, particularly to a good home. Buyer collects.

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